I facilitated a session where I got to speak in my native languages Kikuyu and Swahili.
The vibration in the room was intense filled with blue light as the ancestors stepped forward.
With their assistance, we found the root cause of why my client felt stuck, in constant physical, emotional and mental pain.
As we cleared curses, black magic, envy, resentment, hatred and more ancestrally, the client opened their eyes mid session shouting “I am free, my hands no longer hurt.”
And yes, we were both crying at this point.
We then released entities that were causing anguish and pain they used as their food source.
This is a person who had undergone surgery on the right hand before, had to write with special pens, and generally finding day to day task difficult as the pain was unbearable. Basically on the verge on suicide.
I’m delighted to report that there was NO PAIN of any kind at the end of the session.

Freedom at last!

And this is what they had to say afterwards:

“Ha, since clearing all that emotional baggage, I’ve decided to declutter the house too. I feel lighter and peaceful. Words cannot express how positive my mind is right now. Thank you so much for being part of my journey, and helping me experience the new me.”

The whole transformative experience was beyond Powerful.
I am Grateful they reached out.

So, if you long to experience this sort of clarity and freedom in your life, please pm me and let thy will be done.