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ANXIETY Is anxiety stopping you achieving your dreams? Are you sick of feeling anxious all the time? Do you believe you are a burden to everyone? Are you feeling nervous, restless or tense? Do you hate feeling like your thoughts are stuck somewhere and you can’t find them? Are you constantly scared and stuck in


I am free, my hands no longer hurt.


I facilitated a session where I got to speak in my native languages Kikuyu and Swahili. The vibration in the room was intense filled with blue light as the ancestors stepped forward. With their assistance, we found the root cause of why my client felt stuck, in constant physical, emotional and mental pain. As we

I am free, my hands no longer hurt.2018-08-28T19:26:26+01:00

Hypnosis Audio Session – Healing Ireland


Forgiveness Therapy is applied throughout the session as the client remembers 2 Past Lives, Past Memories, Releasing 7 Attachments, Activating Diamond Light Codes, as well as assisting in Healing Ireland. This audio id Light Encoded to assist you on your journey. Beth Kuria is a Certified Introspective Hypnosis Practitioner. Her main objective is to help

Hypnosis Audio Session – Healing Ireland2018-05-16T15:14:11+01:00