Introspective Hypnosis.

I tap into the following during the session:

Ancestral clearing.
Forgiveness therapy.
Blocks/Entity release.
Womb/Prostate healing and Cutting sexual ties.
Body Scan for health issues.
Energy field(chakra/aura/meridian) activation.

How long is the session?  2 hours. 

Price: €250 



Live a life less anxious and Learn how to manage anxiety.

Release phobias.


Confidence and self belief.

Price: €100 per hour


Mindset Coaching.

Life can be hard and messy. It can be very confusing to not know what to do with how we feel. Why? Because we live in a society where we are taught to shun and deny our feelings.

Being human to me means, immersing ourselves in every experience fully. When we allow our emotions to be the messengers that they are, we become better at embracing the gifts they bring forth.

I will help you identify any limiting beliefs keeping you in a constant loop of unworthiness and doubt.

How we view ourselves reflects on how we view the world around us. Our mindset is key into how we think, filter and observe our thoughts at any given situation.

Learn how to be the best version of yourself by identify where you self sabotage in relationships and business.

Change the way you feel, think, and talk to yourself. 

How are you at setting Boundaries?

Price: €100 per hour